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Our compassionate care approach to functional and lifestyle medicine at Old Mission Lifestyle Medicine focuses on health, wellness, and longevity. Our team goes beyond the symptoms of certain conditions, looking for underlying imbalances in the body to discover whether nutritional deficiencies, environmental contaminants, food allergies, excessive stress, or other lifestyle issues are the root causes of illnesses. We leverage the power of the following six fundamental concepts in preventing, treating, and sometimes reversing most medical issues:

  • Nutrition
  • Regular exercise
  • Restorative sleep
  • Stress management
  • Supplements
  • Healthy relationships

Our team of holistic wellness specialists incorporates natural medicine and clinically proven therapeutic lifestyle solutions to treat and prevent chronic conditions. Schedule a virtual consultation today to learn more about how we can help support lifestyle changes that could prevent and treat chronic disease to possibly reverse its effects.

Our team will conduct a comprehensive assessment, including an evaluation of your genetic background using cutting-edge advanced testing methods, to create a personalized care plan. Studies indicate that there is a direct correlation between lifestyle choices and the principles of functional medicine in managing chronic illnesses. Lifestyle medicine addresses the underlying causes of diseases by implementing effective strategies and preventing harmful habits. Such habits and behaviors are known to lead to chronic conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, back pain, obesity, cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), arthritis, allergies, depression, kidney disease, high cholesterol, and heart failure. Our lifestyle medicine approach focuses on key behaviors to enhance your overall health and centers around six important areas:

  • Nutrition: Advocates for a diet rich in whole foods, emphasizing a reduction in processed items, added sugars, and unhealthy fats
  • Exercise: Promotes consistent physical activity, which offers a wide range of health benefits, from enhanced heart health to a better mental state
  • Sleep: Stresses the importance of cultivating healthy sleeping patterns to ensure restorative sleep, crucial for overall health and vitality
  • Stress management: Offers training in methods, such as mindfulness, meditation, and breathing exercises, to help reduce stress levels
  • Supplements: Encourages taking healthy vitamin and mineral supplements, advises against the use of tobacco, and suggests moderating or abstaining from alcohol and avoiding recreational drug use
  • Relationships: Underlines the significance of nurturing positive social connections for both emotional and physical health

Follow-up appointments allow us to monitor progress and adjust treatment plans as needed based on the patient's response to interventions. Ongoing interaction between our clients and physicians fosters a strong therapeutic relationship, which is a fundamental part of functional medicine. We encourage open communication, shared decision-making, and a collaborative approach to healthcare.

Functional medicine is evolving healthcare at Old Mission Lifestyle Medicine, prioritizing the treatment of the underlying causes of diseases rather than just relieving symptoms. Our comprehensive methods combine traditional medical practices with cutting-edge resources and therapies for a holistic health and wellness strategy, providing several key advantages:

  • Targets the root cause: Identifying the underlying cause of an illness allows for a collaborative discussion between you and your healthcare provider about lifestyle modifications and alternative therapies
  • Holistic and multidisciplinary strategy: By taking a comprehensive view of a patient's health, examining medical history, genetics, biochemistry, lifestyle, environmental influences, and physiological factors, this approach emphasizes holistic and integrative medicine, incorporating alternative treatments to improve nutrition, physical activity, sleep quality, and stress management
  • Personalized treatment plans: Treatment strategies in functional medicine are highly personalized, taking into account details of a patient's history and lifestyle

Dr Mason is a doctor that cares about your whole body and mind. I wouldn't trust anyone else.

B.G. Google

Doc is amazing! It has been a very long time since I had a Doctor actually care about my health and set up a viable medical plan vs. just trying to remedy the current health issue.

R.W. Google


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Old Mission Lifestyle Medicine is a health, wellness, and longevity medical practice that specializes in functional and lifestyle medicine. Our progressive approach can help you manage your wellness journey, considering new and different ways to be healthy that lead to a better lifestyle. Our team considers the big picture of each patient's physical, mental, and emotional health. Schedule a virtual appointment to work with our healthcare professionals for better health and quality of life.

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