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Genetic testing has changed the face of preventive medicine. Our DNA highlights our unique characteristics and can help define distinctions in our body. Old Mission Lifestyle Medicine partners with 3X4 Genetics and TruAge by TruDiagnosticâ„¢, a health data company, to perform DNA and biological age testing, respectively.

DNA at-home tests from 3X4 Genetics deconstruct the needs and capabilities of the genes, allowing our expert team to create more compatible treatments and generate beneficial results. DNA testing or genetic testing can help determine if an individual is at a higher risk for developing cancer or other diseases due to hereditary factors. Science and research show that DNA testing also provides healthcare professionals with a better understanding of how one particular human body processes foods, carbohydrates, fat, protein, micronutrients, and more. These processes can help determine which medications and fitness activities are the most beneficial for healing, managing disease, or weight loss.

Utilizing an at-home epigenetic test from TruAge provides insights into your true cellular age. TruAge delivers a thorough evaluation by examining 75+ critical epigenetic markers and various biological aspects associated with aging. Additionally, it offers insights into the risk of age-related diseases and mortality. Doctors leverage these findings to guide patients in making lifestyle and environmental changes that can beneficially influence the aging process of the body. Schedule direct access with our medical team to learn more about DNA and biological age testing and how we use these proactive approaches for prevention, prediction, and early detection of disease, and personalized treatment based on each client's metabolic characteristics.

DNA and biological age tests are advanced testing tools that, when interpreted, can recommend personalized treatments and can be utilized for cancer risk assessment, body system processes, nutrition, dermatology, anti-aging specialties, and food, drug, and environmental allergies. After a member of our team orders your test kits, the procedure is quick and efficient:

DNA Test
1. You will collect DNA after rubbing a sterile swab on the inside of each cheek for 60 seconds.

2. The sample is sent to 3X4 Genetics for high-quality genetic interpretation and accuracy. Laboratory clinicians use medical genetic algorithms.

3. Await actionable results to help our healthcare professionals make more informed decisions about treatments and medications.

Biological Age Test
1. A blood sample is required but the TruAge test kit includes everything you need to collect a blood sample. For patients who may be uncomfortable with lancets, or small finger-pricking tools, a self-collection method using the Tasso+ device is available for purchase for minimal patient involvement.

2. Mail the sample to the TruDiagnostic laboratory using the pre-paid return envelope that was included in the delivery of your test kit.

3. Results will be available through an online portal from the user dashboard. Old Mission Lifestyle Medicine physicians will provide guidance after gauging results.

3X4 Genetics and TruAge safeguard your DNA and biological data, meeting the highest regulatory and data protection standards.

DNA and biological age tests allow doctors and patients to make empowered health decisions with detailed information. These tests provide in-depth insights into our genetic blueprint and how our lifestyle impacts our biological aging, leading to treatments that can improve health and longevity. Some of the advantages that these tests offer include:

  • Personalized health insights and genetic information
  • Aging awareness
  • Risk assessments of disease and rare genetic conditions
  • Lifestyle modification guidance
  • Longevity strategies
  • Health monitoring and progress tracking

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