Comprehensive Lab Testing in Traverse City, MI

Occasionally, it may become necessary to undergo comprehensive laboratory testing to accurately identify the cause of certain symptoms. At Old Mission Lifestyle Medicine, we might ask you to complete lab tests locally. These tests, such as blood or urine analysis, are crucial for diagnosing various conditions, including chronic diseases, infections, pregnancy, and others. Our physicians also may order advanced testing, which includes an in-depth blood analysis of 100+ biomarkers. Lab testing also provides essential baseline data that aid in the prescription of new medications or the monitoring of existing treatments. We encourage you to contact our telehealth service to discover more about the comprehensive lab testing options available and understand how these tests can help you maintain your health.

Lab tests can help diagnose symptoms or formulate a tailored treatment strategy, and you'll receive a referral to get these tests completed at a local laboratory. Some of the most common lab tests include:

  • Complete blood count (CBC): Evaluates the levels of red and white blood cells along with platelets in your blood, assesses your general health and nutritional status, and checks for a range of medical conditions
  • Urinalysis: Among the simplest and most common diagnostic procedures, this test involves analyzing a small urine sample to perform a broad health assessment
  • Advanced bloodwork testing: Provides an in-depth blood analysis of 100+ biomarkers, including hematology, chemistry, heart health, brain health, vitamins, hormone levels, and more.

Comprehensive laboratory testing serves as a preemptive measure in preserving good health and identifying potential concerns at an early stage. It also gives our healthcare professionals at Old Mission Lifestyle Medicine deeper insights into a client's health to help facilitate the management of chronic illnesses or diagnose new conditions. The primary advantages of undergoing medical laboratory tests at a nearby facility include:

  • Early detection of diseases and disorders
  • Monitoring the progression of illnesses
  • Managing overall health and identifying risk factors
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of prescribed medications
  • Supporting informed healthcare decisions
  • Offering reassurance and diminishing worries about undiagnosed health issues

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Comprehensive lab testing provides a wide range of analyses to diagnose a variety of health concerns. Blood work, urine testing, and advanced biomarker testing help monitor your health and customize treatment plans that are specific to your needs and your overall health and wellness goals. If you need lab testing, please get in touch with our team at Old Mission Lifestyle Medicine to schedule an online appointment.

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