Old Mission Lifestyle Opening Message


Today's healthcare system in the US is a failing business and healthcare delivery model. The entire system is built to simply wait for people to get sick and then act. Worse, this type of design acts in a wide variety of ways to keep folks sick as opposed to helping them stay healthy. From big pharmaceutical to healthcare systems to Medicare and Medicaid to big insurance to hospitals; they’re all set-up to wait and simply react when people get sick. As a result, most are distracted from the true answer...keep people healthy and redirect the brilliant medical innovation and billions and billions of dollars in resources toward helping folks realize their best self through daily exercise, proper nutrition, avoiding harmful and taking healthy supplements, good sleep, neutralizing stress and nurturing healthy relationships.

This, in fact, is Lifestyle Medicine; the use of evidence-based therapeutic approaches centered upon those 6 ways to prevent, treat and often reverse disease and help people take control of their health and their life.

Board Certified Emergency Physician, Dr. Chris Mason grew weary of the many days and nights he spent on shift in Emergency Departments across the country as a traveling ER Doc saving lives and, in reality, most times, saving people from themselves. He saw Lifestyle Medicine as the answer. A way to help people help themselves and stay healthy; living their very best lives and a way to take back medicine from the big corporate world, insurance companies and special interest groups: putting the focus right back where it belongs - you. No longer a ‘patient’ but a person! A client!

Dr. Mason has launched Old Mission Lifestyle Medicine; a new kind of health, wellness and longevity medical practice that offers his clients the potential to live their best life through Lifestyle Medicine! Please see their website www.OldMissionMedicine.com and sign-up today. Life. Optimized.

Old Mission Lifestyle Practice
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